Products designed for perfection.

Merging our passion for science and art, we’ve set a new industry baseline when it comes to measuring color. Focused on precision, calibration, performance and science, you get the exact color you want, every single time without ever compromising care.

Craft, community, care.

We stand alone in delivering scientifically calibrated hair color products that work just as hard as you do. And our products are just the beginning.

From our community to products to our Education, every aspect of Color Space™ has been purposefully built with evolution in mind, elevating your craft and your business.

Take chances. Embrace transformation. We’ll be there to guide you, every step of the way.

In the beginning.

After spending decades in the industry and overcoming the challenges that so many of us face, founders Ray Civello and Lupe Voss realized that “good enough” would never suffice. In their pursuit of progress, they developed Color Space: a product line, Education program, and community that challenges fellow creators and artists to stand out authentically and unapologetically in everything they do



Just felt compelled to let you know how much we are loving Color Space™ at Atlas Salon 🙌! We just had our conversion class with Therese and it’s a total game changer! We all feel like we’re easily achieving colors and looks that were previously a pipe dream or took a ton of work and quite a bit of thinking outside the box (with some processing time prayers). It really is a phenomenal color line and we’re so excited to have it to work with. Thanks for constantly moving the industry forward and allowing us to come along for the ride.
Claire Bengur, Atlas Salon
We decided to bring in primary because of our class,  we learned more about it, understanding the difference between the Zero Line and Primary. I also wanted my team to be a part of the decision and excitement. After this past year of so many changes I did not want them to have any anxiety from switching color lines 😉. I was so excited to see that after our 2 day class with Morine, they were fired up!  They are still fired up today, pulling together and talking about how impressed they are with the color and helping each other formulate. Color Space™ ended up being just the thing we needed to bring a little excitement back and to get our creative juices flowing ❤️. Thank you also for all your support!
Marielle, Coiffeteria Salon
Holy smokes...we just finished our conversion class with Morine. She is an amazing educator, my entire team LOVED her & we are all super impressed and excited about CS Color! Also, wanted you to know that every person from CS has been fabulous. Thank you for creating such an inviting culture, a product that performs & cares about the profit of a business!
Marielle, Coiffeteria Salon
The Silver lightener is a game changer! The lift comes out so evenly I find that most of the time I don’t even need a toner. This is hands down the best lightener I have ever used not to mention the fact that it leaves my clients hair silky and shiny!
Tayler Alexis, Carmen Carmen Belk Southpark
After discovering Color Space™ I feel like my career has been put on a different level. Endless customizable options given by a vegan friendly conscious behind it! My clients’ hair is feeling more nourished, with intense shine, and amazing luster! Not only me, but my clients are so excited with the discoveries we have found using Color Space™!
Travis Kingsbury, Carmen Carmen Belk Southpark
Ever since I started using Color Space my client's hair has looked and felt so much better then before, even after a lightening service! Not to mention the shine is phenomenal! The results of the color are so true, and I love how customizable it is to every person!
Casey Otto, Carmen Carmen Belk Southpark