Balayage: The Technique

Balayage: The Technique

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Intimidated by balayage? Take the fear out of painting with this hands-on course featuring LIFT™ Freehand Lightener from Color Space™.

Discover your painting style in this interactive course. We will explore the history and fundamentals of balayage, painting and placement techniques, as well as discuss consultation and client expectations. Whether you are a novice or skilled painter, Balayage: The Technique is sure to take your skill-set to the next level. 



Dawn Schenk



327 E St Paul Ave, Milwaukee, WI




Participants to bring:

Sectioning combs


Color Bowl

Color Brushes for painting

Balayage Planchette (board)

Cling-film or medium of choice

Styling tools including Blow Dryer

Viola Mannequin Head or a model

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