Learn how Color Space™ can elevate your craftsmanship and your business.


When you join Color Space™ you become part of a community of colorists, educators, salon owners and product innovators. Our mission is to bring genuine care to the world of hair color through superior products, transformative education and a profitable business model.


The Color Space™ product range is scientifically designed to give precise results and radiant color. Our products are cruelty-free, environmentally friendly and competitively priced to boost salon profitability.

Color Space™ products are crafted with every creative in mind, offering both personalized and pre-blended color options and customizable delivery systems. Made with high-quality ingredients and produced in Italy, our vegan hair color was built on innovation for the ultimate experience.

CS Ed.

We are bringing innovative hair color knowledge to the world! Through imaginative classes fueled by scientific developments, we will deepen your knowledge and ignite your creativity.

CS Ed. is an immersive and interactive hair color education program that teaches you skills you can take to the salon the very next day. You will learn techniques, formulations, the client experience and business skills in interactive classes with seasoned educators that truly care about their students’ success.

Our empowering classes cover everything from hair color basics to training your eyes to better perceive color. Led by the visionary Lupe Voss, CS Ed. is taught by leading industry professionals across North America.

Join us in the classroom to learn the craft of hair color.