Ray Civello is a philanthropist, leader, and visionary in the fashion, beauty, and wellness industry. Combining creative skill and keen business sensibilities, Ray is a successful entrepreneur, celebrity hairstylist, editorial stylist, photographer, inspired public speaker and coveted international educator.

For more than 25 years Ray Civello has been a revolutionary figure in the beauty industry as a master hairstylist and business owner. After starting his career as a stylist at one of Canada’s hottest salons, The Rainbow Room, Ray’s visionary talent and engaging personality propelled him to become a sought-after editorial hairstylist in North America and Europe. In 1985, he launched Civello, the first-ever salon-spa-retail store conglomerate of its kind in Toronto, Canada. He opened with the mission to inspire guest to look and feel their best; image crafters committed to being forerunners in beauty and wellness.

After opening four successful Civello salons in Toronto, he expanded nationally to open two salons in Vancouver, British Columbia. With over three decades of experience, Ray has worked with a variety of clients including celebrities, executives and tastemakers.

With his distinctive perspective and skillset, Ray has crafted an approach to hair unlike any other by truly factoring in the personality and appearance of every individual through coloring, cutting, and styling.

In addition to Civello salons, Ray was instrumental in pioneering the Aveda global business. He has held titles as Aveda’s Global and Creative Director and V.P. of Education. In 1994, Ray Civello established Collega International, a conglomerate of sales, salons, retail stores, and education.

Outside of the salon, Ray dedicates his efforts to supporting access to water and education in developing nations, and has led his salon partners in raising over $2 million through various clean water initiatives. He has published two books, Mucherla Global School and One Life, which have collectively raised $200K for charities that support these causes.


Recognized today for her technical acumen and "real-life" classroom style, Lupe Voss began her career as an educator in 1998 and since then, hasn’t stopped advocating for the need of reimagined and inspired education.

As one of North America’s most desirable color educators, Lupe’s classroom continues to be filled with students who seek her educational philosophy of creative placement, technique and the art of formulation for unique, flawless and customized color.

After 32 years as founder and co-owner of the highly successful Julian August salon in Redlands, CA, Lupe has founded the Hair Color Magic™ education program, where she has primed and inspired countless hair industry professionals to pursue their creative dreams. She brings that same passion and dedication to Color Space™’s CS Ed. education program, where she engages students to help them understand the fundamentals of how we see color so they can achieve consistent, transformational results every single time.

When she’s not in the classroom, Lupe can be found interacting with audiences from all around the world, epitomizing the true spirit of inspirational education.