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learning more about Color Space™.

You give hairdressing your all. We give you innovative, high-performance products, unconditional education support with incredible savings. We’ve created a safe, environmentally conscious hair color line that changes the way both colorists and clients experience color, from the tube to the bowl to application.

For professional stylists we have changed the fundamentals – from how it works, the precision, how you apply it and how you mix it. Our ingredients have been thoughtfully selected and scientifically proven to be beneficial to hair.
Color Space™ is not just better, but you will gain a completely new and enhanced hair coloring experience. The time is now to considera hair color line that works just as hard as you do.


When you join Color Space™ you become part of a community of colorists, educators, salon owners and product innovators. Our mission is to bring genuine care to the world of hair color through superior products, transformative education and a profitable business model. Learn how Color Space™ can elevate your craftsmanship and your business.

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