X58 (3 Pack)

X58 (3 Pack)

Use for hair painting, balayage and blending techniques.


LENGTH: 150mm frame + 40mm bristle = 190mm, WIDTH: ~58mm

Just like our hair color products, our brushes have scientific research behind them. Brilliant color deserves a remarkable tool and our brushes were created to work hand-in-hand with the Color Space range for precision, easy maneuvering and exact application.


The unique spiral design makes our brushes comfortable to hold in both left and right hands.


Easy to maneuver, our brushes have ridged handles for easy maneuvering and precise angles while coloring.


The weight of the brush is important, and ours are perfectly balanced in your hand with an ideal centre of mass.


Made from low density polyethylene with a satin finish, the brush is soft, flexible and chemically resistant.


A distinctive design of a universal handle with the ability to switch out the bristles as needed.